Our Commitment

Consistent with our objective of providing equal opportunity and encouraging diversity and inclusion in the legal industry, Burger, Meyer & D’Angelo’s goal is that all attorneys and personnel hired are given opportunities and promoted fairly. Diversity strengthens our aptness to provide excellent legal services that drive creative and innovative solutions to our client’s legal challenges. To make inclusion not just a goal, the Firm is dedicated to advancing an environment that embraces differences, encourages dialogue, and brings about mutual respect.

Partners from underrepresented groups
All Attorneys from underrepresented groups

Diversity Committee Initiatives

  1. Revise firm policies so firm-wide committees and initiatives focus on diversity and inclusion
  2. Require firm decision makers to take an active role in the firm’s diversity committees and initiatives
  3. Create and empower firm-wide diversity committees with the resources necessary to host events with diverse speakers
  4. Appoint a firm-wide chief diversity officer and local diversity officers in each region/office
    • Require all new hires to be approved by the chief diversity officer
    • Conduct exit interviews and require a diversity officer to be present
    • Incorporate diversity officers into all firm committees and groups in which diversity may be a relevant issue
    • Interface with clients’ diversity groups
  5. Prepare, update, and provide diversity “toolkits” to educate practice group leaders. Ensure firm policies allow for the easy development of and funding for affinity groups and require affinity groups to submit business plans and budgets
  6. Equip the chief diversity officer with the resources necessary to calculate statistics that monitor and, if necessary, hold the firm accountable for diversity-related issues
  7. Solicit input from and participation by associates on diversity issues
  8. Provide all attorneys with opportunities for flexible work schedules, including secondment, “on-ramping,” and child-care services where possible and applicable